Brighton’s leading after-hours events company since 2005.

Our brands are all based on our love of music and are created for people who want to party against Brighton’s ever increasing, generic style of commercial club nights. We challenge the ordinary and dare to be different, while still retaining the sentiments that build busy club events for predominantly student revellers.

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If you fancy getting in touch we would love to hear from you, equally, if you’re interested in working for us please attach your CV to the form below. We are always looking for city managers, Promoters, DJ’s, Photographers, Reps, VIP hosts and Franchise partners to join our team!

Full-Time Positions:

Full-Time Sales and Events Manager: £17 to £20k p/a

Part Time Opportunities:

DJ: £50 to £100 p/event
Part-Time Promotors: up to £7.50 p/h
Reception staff: up to £7.50 p/h

Freelance Roles:

Ticket Sellers: up to £100 p/event


The Haunt - 23/11/17

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The Haunt - 7/12/17

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The Haunt - 11/12/17

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Coalition - 15/12/17

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