Brighton’s leading after-hours events company since 2005.

Our brands are all based on our love of music and are created for people who want to party against Brighton’s ever increasing, generic style of commercial club nights. We challenge the ordinary and dare to be different, while still retaining the sentiments that build busy club events for predominantly student revellers.

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If you fancy getting in touch we would love to hear from you, equally, if you’re interested in working for us please attach your CV to the form below. We are always looking for city managers, Promoters, DJ’s, Photographers, Reps, VIP hosts and Franchise partners to join our team!

Full-Time Positions:

Full-Time Sales and Events Manager: £17 to £20k p/a

Part Time Opportunities:

DJ: £50 to £100 p/event
Part-Time Promotors: up to £7.50 p/h
Reception staff: up to £7.50 p/h

Freelance Roles:

Ticket Sellers: up to £100 p/event

Welcome to team Fat Pops!

And well done for making it this far…

We hope you enjoy your time working here however, this is first and foremost a job! We have high standards for how our staff should behave and expect everyone to work hard.

There are a few rules that you have to agree to if you wish to work for us. Below you will see the terms and conditions to your employment. Please read them carefully. If you have any questions you should contact your line manager to explain (the person who has recruited you).

Once you have read the terms and conditions you will have to complete our new joiner form which can be accessed from the previous page. You can click here to return.


Main Place Of Work:

Your main place of work will be client venues working with Fat Poppadaddys Ltd in and around Brighton.

Working Relationship:

The terms of this Statement shall apply at all times when you are actually working for the Company. Each period of work shall, however, be deemed to be mutually exclusive and unconnected except where such periods of work occur in consecutive weeks. Between periods of work, these terms shall cease to apply.

The Company cannot guarantee to provide you with work and is under no obligation to provide any work. You are under no obligation to accept any work, which is offered. Any work you undertake will commence at the beginning of each agreed period of work and will terminate at the end of such period.

Staff are not permitted to work for either a client or a competitor. Such employment will be treated as gross misconduct. If in doubt, please speak to your manager before accepting work. This is your responsibility.

Client Venues:

You are employed by Fat Poppadaddys Ltd, not the client venue, and your duties will be given to you by your manager. Duties from the client venue should be referred to your manager.

If you intend to visit the client venue socially, please speak to your manager who will explain our policy regarding social visits to client venues. The policy may differ from venue to venue.


Your hourly rate will be as agreed with your line manager. Your wages are payable monthly in arrears and paid by BACS. There will be commission based work available. If you are working commission you will not be paid your agreed hourly rate you will, however, be able to keep your commission.

Hours of Work

Each period of work will be determined, in advance, by mutual agreement.

You will be offered work as the needs of the business require. The Company fully recognises that it is your choice if you wish to work the hours offered to you, or not.


Each period of work will automatically terminate on its completion. As each period of work is mutually exclusive, there are no notice provisions attaching to the working relationship.

Good Behaviour:

While working on the Company’s premises you are required to comply with the Company’s Good Behaviour Rules.

A copy of the Company’s Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure together with its Health and Safety Statement are contained in the attached appendix.

Data Protection:

I understand and agree that the Company is permitted to hold personal information about me as part of its personnel and other business records and may use such information in the course of the Company’s business. I agree that the Company may disclose such information to third parties, in the event that such disclosure is, in the Company’s view, required for the proper conduct of the Company’s business. This clause applies to information held, used or disclosed in any medium.

Alcohol & Smoking:

Staff are not permitted to drink alcohol on duty. Drinking on duty or reporting to work under the influence of alcohol or under the influence of drugs will be treated as gross misconduct. Your manager may allow you to drink at the event after you have finished your shift.

Staff must not smoke on duty. If your shift is longer than 4 hours without a break you may arrange a smoking break with your manager.


Staff are permitted two non-paying guests to an event with prior approval of the event manager. Guest lists should be submitted for approval before the event has started.