Signs That You're Living Your Best (or worst) Student Life

Uni is strange. After 14 years of moaning about school and college, you decided to shed out thousands of pounds to go and get an education that you sort of want, but don’t really want at the same time. You pay over the odds to just fester in your own filth all day instead of turning up to lectures that you pay for.

And the best thing about it? You don’t even feel any guilt, whatsoever.

Aside from getting an education (if you actually turn up for your 9 am’s, that is), uni is all about the experience. Here are some of the signs that you are experiencing your best – or worst – student life.

1. You aren't prepared for anything that uni throws at you.

During your first few weeks, you were up to date on your readings and you knew when your deadlines and exams were. Now? You don’t even know what day it is, let alone what that author said about that topic that you didn’t read about.

2. Instead of planning nights out around uni, you plan uni around nights out.

Let me just check my diary to see whether I can attend this 9am lecture… oh wait, sorry I can’t make it; I have a hangover scheduled in for 8am, and wallowing in self-pity is scheduled from 8:01 until further notice… As tempting as uni is, 5 jägar bombs for a fiver is not to be missed.

3. Your diet is seriously lacking.

You think back to all the home cooked meals that your mum used to cook for you, and it breaks you inside because now you barely survive on a diet of water, pasta, stress and despair.

4. You see attendance as optional.

Apparently attendance is key to passing your course… who would have thought it, eh? You've got to the point where you don't see attendance as a necessity anymore, but as optional. You justify not going in by saying that you’ll look at the slides at home, but we all know that never happens.

5. You have acquired the art of procrastination

You have deadlines pouring out of your ears. Exams to revise for. You can’t remember when you last washed your hair. You barely have any food in the cupboard. You stay up until 4:37am doing an assignment that’s due in 6 hours, which was set 2 months ago but you had shows on Netflix to catch up on, and that obviously took priority. You are the epitome of stress – but that’s none of your business.

If you related to those signs too much, then you, my friend, are living your best (most definitely worst) student life. Congratulations.