Where is Britney, bitch?

If you ask Britney Spears who she is, she'll likely reply 'It's Britney, bitch'. However, ask Britney where she is, and she'll have no idea. Well, that's alledgedly what happened at Pride, anyway. 

Kickstarting her Piece of Me tour at Brighton Pride this year, Britney performed to a hefty crowd of over 50,000 people at Preston Park. 

Pride is one of, if not the biggest, events to happen in Brighton annually. It's a protest, yet a celebration, of LGBTQ rights. It's seen the likes of Years and Years and Pet Shop Boys headlining in previous years, but this year had a record breaking turnout after the announcement that Britney would be performing; all in all, 57,000 people gathered at Preston Park to watch her. 

With an event so big, and with Britney being seen as a huge icon within the LGBTQ community, the least you'd expect of her is to know where she's performing. However, she was reportedly heard by fans shouting to her back-up dancer, asking her where she was, before shouting to the audience 'What's up Brighton Pride!'.

Oops... She did just that. Just a bit of a slip up. 

Don't hold it against her, though. Nonetheless, her performing at such an event is what some of us have dreamed of witnessing since a young age, and there's no doubt that her headline performance rocked Brighton Pride this year.

Let's just hope she remembers her whereabouts for the rest of her tour.


You can watch her slip up here.