Types of Drunk Clubbers

Everyone has two sides to them; their sober side, and their drunk side.

I don’t know about you but sober me doesn’t associate myself with drunk me. Drunk me is the type to text my ex at 3am saying ‘are you ok xx I need a wee xx’, and will tell the taxi driver my life story. Drunk me is a whole new breed of human, and she’s out more than I’d like her to be.

When out clubbing, you get to witness all kind of levels of drunk, whether it’s you or the people around you. And the best part? When Fat Pops captures these precious drunk moments and posts them on Facebook, so when you wake up the next morning you can see how much of a state you are.

So, using your iconic photos from our club nights, here are the types of drunks you are likely to have witnessed.

The Emotional Drunk

(Just by looking at this photo you can tell the song playing is ‘My Heart Will Go On’ by Celine Dion, because everyone starts acting out the scene from Titanic. This song brings out the emotional side in everyone.)

The Emotional Drunk cries. A lot. They will cry about their dead goldfish that died 12 years ago. They will cry when they leave the club at 4am because they want a McDonald’s breakfast, but it doesn’t get served for another hour. They will cry over a boy they used to like who didn’t even know of their existence. Basically, they just cry.

The Loving Drunk

The Loving Drunk is the nicest drunk. They’re the type to go up to you in the toilet telling you how pretty your dress is. They’ll hug you and kiss your cheek and tell you how amazing you are, whether you’ve been friends for years or even if you met all of 30 seconds ago. They’ll look after you when they need looking after themselves; it’s like the blind leading the blind.

The Sloppy Drunk

Clumsy, staggering and slurring, The Sloppy Drunk is your stereotypical drunk. They’re an absolute state after two drinks. They’ll fall over at least 7 times, and they’ll lose the entire contents of their bag within 5 minutes of being at the club. They’re a liability on a night out.

The Snapchatter

The Snapchatter films EVERYTHING. They will film themselves dancing and singing, they will film their shots being poured, they will film the beef that happens on the bus home, and they will film you whilst you ruin your life. If you can't remember what happened, just check their Snapchat story - unless they've deleted it in shame when they wake up the next morning.

The Romantic Drunk

The Romantic Drunk will get with someone every time they go out. All they have to do is make eye contact from across the room and BOOM, they're attached to someone's face. If your friend is the romantic drunk, you can bet you are the third wheel.

Which type of drunk are you? If you can relate to all of these, then the chances are you ruin your life everytime you go out; RIP, my friend.