The Best Of Fat Poppadaddys - C H A L K Mondays

There's been a lot of change around here recently, and although we think it's for the best, some things will never change. Fat Poppadaddys being one of them! 

Showing the conformed clubs of town the middle finger, every Monday you can come to us, let loose, play beer pong, and laugh in the face of the generic whilst you chug your 5 for £5. All that whilst listening to a playlist that you will not hear anywhere else in the city. 

On drink deals, we will not be beaten:

5 Bombs £5 before 12:30 - £2 each after

£1 Pints of CHALK's very own beer before midnight. 

£1.50 Single vodka + Mix ALL NIGHT. £2.50 Double Vodka + Mix ALL NIGHT. 

Seriously... What's not to like? 

Check out how it goes down below...

Pick up a ticket and get queue jump before midnight

And we really do have beer pong every week! Play with £1 pints of CHALK beer till midnight :)

And where else lets you write on the walls? 

We also love to dedicate events to our favorite artists. Upcoming events include: 

The Killers 11/11/19 - GET TICKETS

Arctic Monkeys 18/11/19 - GET TICKETS

Lizzo 25/11/19 - GET TICKETS

Check out some of our favorite snaps from this term and we'll see you on the dancefloor soon! 

See you next Monday!