Sex Education Party

If you haven't seen the Netflix series, 'Sex Education', then you need educating in more ways than just one. If you're a Fat Poppadaddys enthusiast, however, we're sure that you know exactly what we're obsessing over. 

We're under no impression that you lot shy away from a bit of sex-talk, so we've brought the sex-talk to you. You heard it right! Expect a Confession Booth and a load of free condoms. Thank us later...

Here are the best bits from Sex Education to get you in the spirit:

#1 "It's My Vagina!"

Everybody loves the movie moment when everyone reaches clarity - in this case, supporting friends with misdirected nudes on the loose. Sex Education shows just how to put our fears behind us and put our friendships first instead; whilst embracing everybody's insecrurities. 

#2 Eric's School Dance Entrance

Eric overcame the emotional challenge of being unapologetically free, despite the reservations of his family. Embrace this mentality on Thursday and come to The Haunt with the confidence of such a hero! #WWED (What Would Eric Do?)

#3 Jackson Singing to Maeve

Arguably the cringiest moment of the series, but not in a bad way. We're sure you've all screwed over a mate to get a girl (here's looking at you, Otis) and witnessing this blushing performance is payback! Don't laugh too hard, though. We've heard you singing at The Haunt and Jackson carries a better tune!

#4 Adam Dropping His Trousers

Adam's failed attempt at 'owning his narrative' went bottoms up (pun intended) when he dropped his underwear to the entire school. Who knows, you might relate to this act of defiance. More likely, you relate to trying to overcome your issues using destructive and badly thought plans.

#5 Otis' Motherly Confrontation

The opening liner from Otis' sex-therapist mother, "I've noticed you've been pretending to masturbate" has got to be iconic. Everybody knows the feeling of being confronted with issues that you'd rather not discuss, especially with your parents. Luckily, there won't be any parents on Thursday night, so confess away!

Don't miss the best education you'll ever have this Thursday! Buy your tickets here to get a free j-bomb and queue jump before midnight!

You can expect a confession booth, a free t-shirt, free condoms, love-heart sweets, the Sex Education soundtrack and confetti!