Grease Special at The Haunt

Secret Discotheque is back for the grooviest Thursday night in Brighton. Don't get too reminiscent of those summer nights, because Grease is coming to The Haunt, and we are hopelessly devoted to giving you a good time. Expect to see the greatest Grease tracks of all time, alongside live screenings of clips from the film itself.

To get you in the mood, we've compiled the do's and don't for every iconic look.

1. All-Black Leather

The original Good Girl Gone Bad before Rihanna came along. Only the coolest of the cool wore disco pants back in the day, especially teamed with a risque off-shoulder top. A look so ahead of its time, that you could go clubbing in this atire and only get marginally judged. As for the slightly shorter than short-sleeve tshirt, maybe you could leave that one at home.

2. Sleepover Atire

Jan has the right idea. Baggy jumper, pj bottoms and bunches live on at the humble sleepover. Silky dresses and hairnets on the other hand? Leave that outfit in your knicker draw.

3. The Pink Ladies and Long Skirts

Long skirts came back with a bang this summer. Fortunately, Jan's long tshirt over the top didn't. Other than that minor setback, the Pink Ladies were undeniably fashion foreward. 

4. Prom Atire

Pink on guys is a look. This scene is totally iconic and perfectly matched with flawless outfit choices. Even more flawless is their dancing, varying drastically from the moves sported at The Haunt.

5. John Travolta and Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets will always be in the shops and, not to point fingers, but John Travolta started it. Luckily, the comb-over and side-burn combination faded into ancient history. 


Hopefully you have now been reminded that Grease is the ultimate guilty pleasure, way ahead of it's time and in desperate need to be celebrated.

Now lets come together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong, and get your tickets here.

Tickets include queue jump and a J-Bomb before 12am.