WIN Free Entry To Secret Discotheque For 2019!

We are giving five lucky people the chance to win free entry to Secret Discotheque for the entirety of 2019! 

To enter click the link below and fill out the form. The winners will be announced in December. 

Secret Discotheque is Brighton's biggest pop party and the night out that has everything.

We mean everything; bubble machines, glitter, glow sticks, UV cannons, confetti, a room full of like-minded students and the soundtrack of your youth played along with the music videos in realtime on our massive projector! 

All of this, every week results in one insane party that you can guarantee will leave you trying to remember what happened last night. 

Enter The Competition Here

Check out how it's gone down this term so far and you can grab your £1 ticket by clicking the link below. Just be ready to throw those hands in the air for Celine Dion!

Secret Discotheque Tickets

£1 tickets sold out? Use promo code "CALLMEMAYBE" for a little off. 

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