Save Money At Uni

University is one of the most unhappy periods in your wallet’s life. If student housing wasn't bad enough, your ability to thrive away from the safety of Mum and Dad is tricky when jobs are sparse and all you want to do is party. Luckily, we're here to offer you some friendly advice:

1) Buy the 90-day bus pass ASAP

Yes, it’s a big lump of cash to hand over in one go, but it’s worth it. Your tickets will effectively be half the price and they'll be no excuse not to leave the house. No more skipping nights out!

2) Stay away from the ready meals

We feel your pain after a long slog spent listening to seminar convenors and trying your best to look thoughtful whilst completely zoned out. The thought of preparing dinner from scratch is a hideous one. Yes, ready-meals are damn fast, but for £3 you could easily knock up a banging Bolognese that will last you days! 

3) Check your balance every once in a while

You'll probably have more fun jumping in front of the N25 (but don't do that, you've already got a ticket). Checking your rapidly depleting balance every once in a while will make difference. No more 'I'll just go in my overdraft'. Seeing your purchasing mistakes might prevent you from ordering those rounds of JBombs for everybody next time.

4) Track down those drink deals

How many times have you walked into a bar and ended up pouring cash down the drain? Loads of places around town offer student deals, A free beer in exchange for a lemon at Hob Gob! Life is blissful. Of course, by ending your night in Fat Poppadaddy’s, you can take advantage of the 5 Bombs for £5 deal, which is more than enough to put a smile on your face.

5) Remember to book tickets early

Booking those event tickets when they’re nice and cheap means you won’t be shelling out and get free drinks. Annother tip would be to get your name on the guest list as it will ensure that you will get in without a fuss. Instead, you can use the time saved on more pre-drinks, turning up to enjoy your night in a far better frame of mind.

1st release advance queue jump tickets for all Fat Poppadaddys are just £1 then increase in price so make sure you always get in there quickly.

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