Peep Show Quotes That Will Relate To Your Student Life

Who doesn't love a bit of Peep Show? If you don't love it... is everything okay at home?!

In this post, see how Mark and Jeremy nicely sum up student life.


When you spend hours on an assignment, give up, and submit it knowing it's shit.

When you've been studying your course for over a year and still have no clue what you've learnt.

When your lecturer keeps giving you awful grades because you can't uni.

On your 5th uni induced mental breakdown of the day like;

A diet of plain pasta and red bull mixed with copious amounts of alcohol and 3 hours sleep a night, whilst drowining in assignments got you like;

When you bang out an essay knowing it's terrible and don't bother proof-reading it.

When you thought uni would be amazing, but 2 months in and you feel like this;

When you do group work and no one in your group does anything, so you ask if you can switch groups.

Revision/readings. That is all.

When you move out for the first time and don't know how anything works.

And, to finish, here's uni summed up in a single quote.