New Year Resolutions

With New Years fast approaching, it's time to make those much-anticipated new years resolutions. We thought we'd save you some time and remind you that we know you better than you think. Here are the resolutions that we know you're never going to keep - and that's not a bad thing.

1. I Will Stop Going Out When I Have A 9am Tomorrow

You may think it's time to be responsible and turn down a night out for a good night sleep. But let's be real, you can rewatch a lecture anytime - but you can't re-experience a night out with your mates. Memories trump catching up, any day of the week.

2. I Will Stop Spending Money On Alcohol

Now this one, you can keep... buy a ticket today and receive a free j-bomb on us! Now who can say no to keeping a resolution and drinking at the same time? Consider it a gift from us.

3. I Will Chuck Out Clothes I Don't Wear

When you open your wardrobe, clothes shoot out at you like a cartoon. Every chair is piled up with clothes you can't be bothered to fold yet. Your dirty laundry basket is always full. But... you never have anything to wear, your friends always borrow your clothes, and you'll definitely wear that top you bought 3 years ago with the tags on.

There's nothing to be ashamed of. New Years Resolutions are overrated anyway. If anything, the breaking of rules makes it twice as fun. 

So we'll see you on the D-Floor! Buy your tickets here.