90's vs 00's

The biggest battle of all time will commence at The Haunt on Thursday, as the 90's prepare to take on the 00's. We're bleeding love for nostalgia, and we want you to join us.

Let's take a look at our top 90's vs 00'scompetitors:

...Baby One More Time vs Toxic

What's the difference between 90's Britney Spears and 00's Britney Spears you ask? The transition from an innocent girl with a big heart to a maneater who loves a challenge, that's what. So you choose - do saints or sinners win this battle?

Wannabe vs Fergalicious 

Wannabe fergalicious? Well you can't. Pick one and forever hold your peace. If your choice is down to wearing the Spice Girls' party dresses or Fergie's beret, badges and white gloves then it shouldn't be too difficult.

Waterfalls vs Survivor 

Heart-broken or over it? Make your decision - moan about lost causes or preach about your successes - the winner should be clear.

It Wasn't Me vs Dilemma 

In denial or admitting your undying love? Let Shaggy convince you to play the field or hesitate like Nelly. But at the end of the day, they're both the types to break up a happy home.

So head on town toThe Haunt for a night of ninetees versus the naughties - go on, hit that nostalgia button one more time. Buy your tickets here , including queue jump and a free j-bomb before midnight!