McFly vs Busted

McFly and Busted are the voices of our childhood. But asking someone which of the two is their favourite is like asking which of your children is your favourite; it’s a question you can’t answer. Well, not immediately anyway.

In light of the McFly vs Busted night coming up, we have provided you with the top 10 reasons why McFly and Busted are THE BEST BOYBANDS, to help you decide what team you’re on. Good luck deciding because it’s a hard one.

1. McFly is named after the character Marty McFly, from the legendary film series ‘Back to the Future’. And if that fact alone doesn’t help you side with McFly, then not much else will.

2. Similarly, Busted’s ‘Year 3000’ is also based on the same film series. Although, we don’t trust their neighbour Peter’s judgement on the future – everything being underwater is pretty drastic, Peter.

3. Tom Fletcher from McFly wrote a series of books about a dinosaur who shits everywhere. This dinosaur pooped out Christmas, the planet, the past, your Dad, and even this blog post. ‘nuff said.

4. Busted’s Matt Willis won I’m A Celeb in 2006, after having to skydive into camp and eating crocodile penis and kangaroo anus. He sacrificed his dignity for our entertainment. What a champ.

5. Although, 5 years later, Dougie Poynter from McFly also entered the jungle and ate Bush Pig penis whilst screaming ‘penis tastes so bad’. Unsurprisingly he won too… not all heroes wear capes.

6. Busted have composed many inspirational lyrics, the best being ‘I messed my pants when we flew over France’ in Air Hostess. Lyrics like that are guaranteed to motivate you to get through even the worst of times.

7. McFly’s top 5 hits are: All About You, Five Colours in Her Hair, Obviously, Star Girl and Love is Easy. Not only will these songs satisfy whatever mood you’re in, but they are literally the songs of your childhood.

8. Busted’s top 5 hits are: Year 3000, What I Go to School For, Air Hostess, Those Days Are Gone and Crashed the Wedding. And it’s guaranteed that you know the words to all of them; don’t deny it.

9. There are some songs which are such classics that they shouldn’t be covered by anyone else. But McFly proves this wrong. Their covers of Mr Brightside, Don’t Stop Me Now and Umbrella are proof that McFly are capable of just about ANYTHING. Even impersonating Miley Cyrus licking a sledge hammer. You name it, McFly can do it.

10. Year 3000 by Busted is just a classic. Nothing can top it. Whenever that comes on in a club, a room full of strangers is turned into a family reunion. It has the power to unite – maybe even solve world peace.

Still don’t know which band is your favourite after those facts? Well, come along to The Haunt on the 15th  of March and find out for yourself. Whatever you decide, don’t go down the middle and side with McBusted – that’s unforgiveable.

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