What Is Lewis Capaldi Planning For Glastonbury?

Over the last year, no artist has quite achieved the level of Internet stardom as Lewis Capaldi. Despite having a string of top-ten singles and a chart-topping debut album ‘Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent’ already this year, the Scotsman is probably better known for his hilarious and brutally honest online persona than he is for his music.

And given his sudden rise to fame, the organisers of Glastonbury announced only last month that Lewis Capaldi had been given a last minute set at this year’s prestigious festival. So with that taking place later this month, here are our predications as to what we think will transpire when the loveable scamp takes to the stage.

Bring His Mum On Stage

Those who follow Lewis on social media will be well aware of the relationship he has with his mum. Still living with his parents, his mother seems to be an extremely supportive and loving person to her son. Regularly taking care of his dirty laundry, checking up on him and even joining him on nights down the club, we are sure that he will be returning the favour by introducing this child bearer of legends to the Glastonbury stage.

Perform In Ridiculous Clothing

When Lewis Capaldi performed at Radio 1’s Big Weekend this year, few were talking about his performance but many remembered how he entered the stage. Walking on to the sounds of the Champions League anthem, and dressed in all leopard-print cape and hat, the frontman made one of the more memorable entrances of the three-day event. Not to mention a pair of stagehands spraying money about as he walked through.

Cover Something Weird

At the start of the month, legendary teen-pop icons The Jonas Brothers chose to perform a version of Capaldi’s number one single ‘Someone You Loved’ when they visited Radio 1’s Live Lounge. Not one to owe anyone a favour for too long, the Scot quickly returned the honour with his own rendition of their comeback single ‘Sucker’. Given how well this sounds, there is no doubt this won’t be the only time he performs it.

Lewis Capaldi will be performing at Glastonbury Festival's Other Stage on Saturday 29th June at 4pm.