Prince vs MJ vs Bowie: Our Legends Special

Prince, Michael Jackson and David Bowie. Need we say anymore?

Eccentric, legendary and all unique, it’s safe to say that these musicians are all legends within their own right. Therefore, it only seems fair to hold a Legends Special at Secret Discotheque, in honour of these great musicians.

We’ve have picked out some of the best facts which, we believe, sum up these stars’ personality. So, the question is this: Prince vs Michael Jackson vs David Bowie; who will you be backing?


1. Michael Jackson wanted him to duet ‘Bad’ with him; however, the opening lyrics ‘your butt is mine’ was a deal-breaker for Prince, since he didn’t want MJ to sing it to him, nor did he want to sing it to MJ – no homo, guys.

2. Despite only be 5'2', he was a gifted basketball player.

3. They say you are what you eat, and apparently the co-script writer for Purple Rain, William Blinn, knew Prince was special from the food he ordered. In a 1994 interview with Rolling Stone, Blinn said that the first time he met the singer, Prince ordered spaghetti in a tomato sauce with a side of orange juice, which Blinn found unusual… that’s just a standard dinner for us students.

4. For his gig at Shepherd’s Bush in 2014, he only charged £10 a ticket. Not all heroes wear capes; they wear purple suits, instead.


1. He was an animal lover, with a variety of pets including two llamas, a chimpanzee, a ram, a python and a boa constrictor. Because a dog or a cat is too mainstream for MJ.

2. He once compared his voice from his Jackson 5 days to that of Minnie Mouse.

3. An air hostess claimed that she used to serve MJ wine in diet coke cans, because he didn’t want his kids to see him drink. Take note; this could be useful for uni lectures.

4. Thriller was used as openings before films in cinemas so it would qualify for an Oscar nomination, however it opened for Disney’s Fantasia and the children watching it were left terrified… it’s not a coincidence that it didn’t qualify.


1. When he was younger, Bowie got punched in the eye by one of his best mate’s; consequently, his pupil was left constantly dilated. Made him look ‘edgy’ if you ask me.

2. He was followed around by 5’3’ pink bunny during his 2004 North American Tour. Only Bowie could get stalked by a human sized bunny, and not be concerned by it.

3. He featured in SpongeBob SquarePants in 2007, as the voice of Lord Royal Highness.

4. He turned down a CBE and a knighthood. Queen Lizzie should have just let him have the throne as King.

Still don't know who's your favourite? Be an absolute ledge, and come down to our legendary, legends special. I've said legend so many times now that it doesn't sound like a word anymore. 

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