What are you wearing June 21st?

With the end in lockdown in sight and beers in the park with 5 friends being allowed in less than a week, we're getting ready to re-open our doors for one of the craziest nights ever. Let's just set the scene...it's 6pm on June 21st, you've been day-drinking,everything's open again and you're getting ready for the first night back at the best club in Brighton. Your housemate knocks on your door and asks the question that's been planned for months....

What are you wearing tonight?

If you're struggling for ideas, here is some inspiration from our Fat Pops clubbers to help you on your way.

Crop top or Bodysuit?

A staple for the ladies, comfy, casual and cute!

May be an image of 7 people, people smiling and text that says "FAT POPPADADDYS MONDAYS ATCHALK K AT"

The most common outfits we see being rocked in Chalk, and we don't blame you! You guys always look good, and no doubt feel good wearing these outfits whilst dancing the night away.

The Sh*t Shirts

We see you, societies! Have some originality when clubs come back

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A class favourite for many of the socials which take place in the club (have some originality), however if you do this out of choice, we are silently judging you...

The Shameless Self Promo

Do you really have nothing else to wear after over a year in lockdown?!

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Societies please, we know who you are without having to see in on your tees! Let's hope you've updated your wardrobe slightly in the last year..

The Jumpers

Boys we all know you're lying when you say you aren't sweating... but if this is your jam, you look good doing it.

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Simple and sweet, chuck that jumper on with a pair of jeans, and you're good to go. We doubt you do much dancing wearing a jumper...but if you're a head nodder this is for you!

The Neon

You came here to stand out and that's what you've done.

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A great decision if you want to find your mates easily, but that can always be done in the beer pong zone in the mezzaine without having to be blinding.

The Mesh Top

An absolute classic look if you want to wear a crop top, but jazz it up a little.

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This look is definitely a last minute throw together, seeing that trustworthy mesh top in your wardrobe. It makes for a put together look which you know you can bounce to Misery Business without any worries.

The Black Tee, Black Jeans Combo

Can't go wrong with this duo, right? If you're looking to stay casual, this could be the one for you.

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Although it's a little plain, you aren't here for people caring about your outfit. You're here to drink as many £1 pints as possible before midnight and have a boogie to Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

The Bright and Bold

You guys go for the jazziest outfits around and you know it. 

May be an image of 4 people, people smiling and text that says "AREA SMOKING EXIT FAT POPPADADDYS MONDAYS ATCHALK AT"

You wear the most daring outfits on the dancefloor, although you can look like an indie wannabe, you know all eyes are on you.

After having a look back through our classic clubbers, we hope this has given you a good bit of inspo to help you on your way to wearing your best dancing shoes on your way to Chalk on the 21st of June and we cannot WAIT to see you there (and silently judge your choices...)