Housemate Feuds Every Student Has

New drinking game idea - "Never Have I Ever - Housemate Edition". The amount of student house arguments that everybody relates to would make for a very messy night. Here are the top feuds that you will have 100% experienced.

1. Washing Up

Maybe you want to chill for a bit after dinner, rather than wash up straight away. Who wants to slave away when you can't even button your jeans at the top rn? Or maybe it's your housemate that only washes up when they've run out of bowls and have no choice. Either way, this is a daily struggle with no end (sorry).

2. Using All Your Housemates Things

So, your pan lost it's non-stick after you ran out of oil...and you never replaced it. You left your cutlery in your last student accomodation because they were dirty. You never bought a hairdryer because your hair was half this length when you moved (who can afford haircuts?). Apparently, borrowing once or twice is fine but every-day is suddenly "pushing it". Who can justify buying another pan when there's already 5 in the house?

3. Clubbers VS Grandmas

By the time 2nd year comes around, there's almost always a battle between the ones holding desperately onto Freshers and the ones longing for the end. Who wins between - "It's 10pm, turn the f*cking music off" and "It's 10pm, why are you in your pyjamas?". 

Despite these arguments, you all love each other (deep, deep down). What better way to remind yourselves why you voluntarily chose to live together, than a group night out. So kiss and make up, then pull out your best bonding drinking games. Avoid more arguments about clearing up by blowing off steam at Coalition - instead of your dining room. 

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