Get'cha Head In The Game for our High School Musical Special

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Picture this: it’s 2006. High School Musical has just been released and you’re obsessed. You turn up to school repping your HSM bag, and at playtime you and your pals allocate each other parts to ‘Stick to the Status Quo’, which you perform in the middle of the playground. Life is good.

For many of us, HSM was a very relevant part of our childhood, and continues to be a very relevant part of our adulthood. It’s something you can never tire of, which is why Fat Pops is hosting a High School Musical Special on April 12th.

We don’t like to think about it, but there are some people out there who have gone through life without ever seeing HSM, and this isn’t okay.

Whilst a truly iconic film series, the plots are somewhat the same in each film – so, lucky for those of you who haven’t been blessed by HSM, here are the most predictable things to happen in each film, just so you can get the gist. You’re welcome.

1. Troy has some sort of mental breakdown

Essentially, in every film, Troy has a breakdown about who he really is. And most of the issues arise because of Gabriella messing him about. Troy, hun, get’cha head in the game and ditch Gabriella, so you pursue an all singing and dancing basketball career.

2. Gabriella leaves Troy, then comes crawling back

For a clever girl, Gabriella doesn’t half make some stupid decisions. In every film, she finds an excuse to leave Troy. Then she comes crawling back and expects him to be okay with it – and like the fool he is, he has her back every time. Say what you want about Sharpay, but she wouldn’t treat Troy like this.

3. Troy does something romantic

Since 2006, Troy Bolton has set the bar high when it comes to relationships. Troy climbs a balcony and serenades Gabriella to apologise to her, buys her a necklace with his initials on it, and then drives over 1000 miles just to dance with her. And most of us can’t even get a text back.

4. Sharpay and Ryan SLAY high school

Even when dressed as a sparkly fish in ‘Humuhumunukunukuapua’ (try saying that after a few drinks), Ryan and Sharpay killed it with their performances. Although, they set really high-expectations for high school. Imagine the constant disappointment when you turn up to school and people don’t break into song in the cafeteria – honestly heart-breaking.

5. An irrelevant character becomes relevant

Kelsie gains relevance throughout the series, and Jimmie Zara, aka The Rocket Man, gets his moment of fame in the last film, but the most iconic character who gains relevance is Zeke. Man’s just out here trying to balance his dreams of basketball and baking the perfect crème brulee. He will always be relevant in our hearts; Zeke forever.

So, for ‘A Night To Remember’ (or forget, if you’re that way inclined when it comes to a night out), come to Secret Discotheque for a guaranteed ‘Fabulous’ time.

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