Your Halloween Playlist

We have several tricks and treats up our sleeves this Halloween. This year, at The Haunt, we have a lot in store. Expect face-painting at the door, so you can spend less time taking your make-up on and off, and spend more time drinking. What more could you want? How about drinks from £1.50? Or live performances? Need we go on..?

To get you in the Halloween spirit, we've compiled our top 5 starter tunes for your prinks playlist. You're welcome.

1. Thriller (obviously)

Old but gold. Nobody starts a spontaneous flash mob like Michael Jackson. We know you know the moves, so there's no excuse not to drop whatever you're doing and head on over to the D-Floor. Just blame it on the boogie, yeah?

2. Men In Black

Everybody loves a man in black - they might be painted with a white skeleton figure, but beggars can't be choosers. 

3. Ghostbusters

What better song to Ghost-Bust-A-Move to? Although the strangest thing in this neighbourhood is whatever goes on in the club toilets... We'll leave you to defeat that one.

4. Somebody's Watching Me

You know the saying "dance like nobody's watching"? Well, scratch that. Get ready to be terrified by those dreaded club pics that you're so keen for. Who knows what might be captured this Halloween?

5. Sweet Dreams

The only sweet dreams you'll be having is what we have in store this Halloween. Expect 5 J-Bombs for £5 before 12.30am, live performances, flash mobs, and a real-life ghost! Isn't that what dreams are made of - or is that just us?

Don't forget to pick up your tickets here if you want to guarantee your entry! Don't believe how long the queue gets? See for yourself...