Halloween At The Haunt

The best club night of the year is fast approaching and have we got a lot in store for you. It's time for you to crack out your unicorn onsie, put some fake blood on a shirt and call it a costume. 

Things are about to get a lot spookier than that mystery stain on last nights top, as we prepare to turn scary into lairy.

Get ready to (ghost)bust a move, take a ride on the Highway to Hell and make your way over to The Haunt.

To get you into the spirit, here's some costume inspo from lovers of The Haunt themselves.

And get your tickets for our Halloween special on Wednesday 31st October. 

A chef and his mouse? Costumes can require some clarification...


At Fat Pops, we never judge. So if you want to turn up as a banana or as some sort of bedsheet dress (not quite sure what's going on here?) then be our guest.

We can't promise you'll get anywhere with the opposite gender but that's your call. 

Costume Duos

Thrive as the front men, or prefer to linger at the back of photos and scare the shit out of the photographer, as the wolf does so effortlessly here?

Whatever you choose, we want you to be striking some poses and living it up Fat Pops style.

Political Figures

What is scarier than Britain's political figures? Keep it simple and scare the general public with talk about taxes and Brexit.

There WILL be a queue.

Be sure to buy your ticket early if you want a chance to get in on Brighton's biggest night at The Haunt.

Halloween Tickets

A ticket is the only way to ensure entry and skip the queue, not to mention a free j-bomb! So what are you waiting for?