Freshers Is Over, But Fat Pops Lives On

Freshers is officially over.

Long gone are the days when the only reason to get out of bed was to get ready for another night on the sesh. Under no circumstances does that mean it’s time to hang up your Nike Air Forces stained with your flat-mates sick.

Yes, it’s true what they told you. 9am lectures exist. It’s like your tutors don’t want you to turn up – why else do you think they record the lectures?

And if that’s not bad enough, it doesn’t help that the Waitrose grocery shopping your mum did is on its last Heinz baked beans (oh the brand luxury). Hey – just think of it as a survival test: how long can you really survive on just potatoes and bread? (Chips, jacket potatoes, toasties, toast… the possibilities are endless).

Not to mention that every member of your flat is ill with Freshers Flu – despite your mum’s insistence that it’s “just a myth”. This is likely to be teamed with the smell of last week’s laundry since no one can work out how to use the bloody Circuit app.

BUT - there is hope, my friend. It’s not all shit, we promise.

 Brighton has everything you could possibly need to turn even the uni-grandmas into sesh gremlins. May your Mondays no longer be filled with dread and lack of hope, but instead of 5 too many jaeger bombs at The Haunt! (Because let’s face it, if you spend one more week snapchatting your Dominoes, you won’t have any friends left to go out with anyway).