Freshers 2018

Yooo! Freshers 2018 is right around the corner and it's time to introduce you, you the 'fresh-faced fresher' to Brighton and to us, Fat Poppadaddys, welcome. 

It's time to leave the nest and fend for yourself, no more home cooked food, hungry?  Eat some Pringles. No more laundry fairy, starting to hum? Get some Lynx. No more "be home by midnight", F*ck that, you got sh*t to do and don't forget, we are here to help you get the job done! 

When you have cremated your third dinner in a row in the microwave, Fat Poppadaddys will be there. When your bedsheets shink of kebab, Fat Poppadaddys will be there. When you need to go to your Tuesday 9 am after raving it up all night at The Haunt, Fat Poppadaddys will be there. When life just gets you down and you need to keep your chin up, Jagerbomb style, Fat Poppadaddys will be there for you! 

Think of Fat Pops as your bestie, a buddy to go drinking with, a friend to share great times with, someone to make great memories with.  A bad influence to be lead astray by.  Because at the end of the day, who the f*ck gives a shit, you're a grown up now, you're in control and nobody can tell you any different!

Don't forget that the only way to guarantee your entry to our events is by getting an advance ticket

All tickets include queue jump till midnight during freshers and a free JBomb! 

Alternatively, you get to put your names down on the Facebook guest list for £3 entry till midnight. 

Check out some of the snaps from last year to see how it goes down. 

Fat Poppadaddys - Mondays at The Haunt 


Secret Discotheque - Thursdays at The Haunt


Friday, I'm In Love - Fridays at Coalition