How Have You Changed In 10 Years?

This week we are seeing Friday, I'm In Love go into its tenth year of throwing massive seafront parties! And of course, it could never have been even close to its success without you... Our loyal patrons who keep on raising the roof as we spin the tables to the most deserving tunes every Friday Night ???

As a thank you to your support over the last ten years we are giving you 50% off all tickets! Starting at just 50p each, tickets are available now :)

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Check out the snaps below and see how you've changed over the last decade. Spot yourself? Let us know and will sort you out some VIP treatment to a Friday, I'm In Love of your choice. Or just reminisce over the good times!  

The early days were tough but everyone was still just as weird as they are now! 

We soon proved ourselves as the place to party on a Friday night!

Our DJs still keeping the dancefloors rammed as always!

And here we are now... Still rocking the sea-front every Friday night! 

See you all again soon! 

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