Festivals Dos and Don'ts

Remember the days when you’d tell your parents you were going for a sleepover when you’d actually be passed out in a field with your mates after necking a bottle of vodka whilst listening to Pitbull?

Now, we go to festivals and pass out in fields instead, whilst listening to better music. Although, who isn’t in the mood for Pitbull every now and then?

Summer was made for festivals; if you’re going to one this year, then here’s your guide on what you should and shouldn’t do.

DO: plan which artists you want to see and which stages you need to go to so you don’t miss out or so you don’t end up with an awful view.

DON’T: be that basic bitch who sits on some randomer’s shoulders and blocks someone else’s view. We came to see Stormzy, not your backside on some lad’s shoulders, Jessica.

DO: wear glitter – A LOT OF GLITTER.

DON’T: buy a whole new wardrobe off Pretty Little Thing for it to be ruined with mud. Save your blue sequin crop top and skirt co-ord for an event wear you won’t have someone spilling their Corona down you. Basically, wear clothing you’re okay with getting trashed, and let the glitter do the talking.

DO: take loads of photos. Use your phone camera and also buy a few cheap disposable ones – you’ll look indie AF and won’t risk losing your pastel pink Fujifilm Instax.

DON’T: be that annoying person who snapchats performance after performance. Yes, we get it, you’re at a festival. Good for you, hun, but no one wants to see a video of the back of someone’s head whilst crackly music blares out.

DO: wear suncream.

DON’T: come home with third degree burns on your shoulders because you thought that wearing sun cream would stop you from getting a sick tan. We’re in England, you either stay pale as a milk bottle or burn; there’s no inbetween.

DO: eat and drink plenty.

DON’T: eat that burger from the dodgy looking burger van, and end up spending the time you should be watching your favourite artist performing, sitting on the porta-loo instead.

DO: stick with your pals.

DON’T: wander off. If you’re usually the one to wander off on a night out, then handcuff yourself to your mates or lock yourself in your tent. In fact, if you’re this type of person, just stay at home to save you and others the grief.

Print out this guide and stick it to your tent, your mate's forehead and to the porta-loo doors to save a life at festivals this year.