Thank F*ck Exams Are Over

Exams are officially over and so is Dry January! Celebrate the end of these hideous traditions with The Haunt on Monday!

We've put together a list of all things exams that you will absolutely not miss, proving that you truly deserve an amazing night out!

1. Feeling Guilty For Over-Sleeping

One of the hardest things is having to get up early, and not leave the house because you have to revise... so most of us just settle for the guilt that comes with over-sleeping instead. Luckily, you can now sleep in until the hangover wears off. Combined with the genius concept of Deliveroo, what more could you really ask for?

2. Drowning In Cups Of Tea

The only salvation in the never-ending revision cycle is tea. That's the facts. Tea provides a little guilt-free break... resulting in about 4 tea breaks an hour. It's time to replace that cup with something a little stronger and better tasting (hint: it contains jaegar and redbull). 

3. 'Socialising' Involves Pets Not Humans

Your camera roll is filled with photos of your pets and pics of your mates are a good 5 minute scroll away... It's time to pat your furry-headed friends goodbye and start making some calls. What better way to reunite than a rendevous your favourite club?

4. Staring At The Same Four Walls

Anybody would go insane after sitting in the same room for days at a time. Keys are put in the fridge, you're charging your phone with the dog lead... This calls for a desperate change of scene - for the sake of your sanity!

5. Wearing Trackies Every Single Day

Being in your trackies every day can be a blessing... for the first few days. Before you know it, showers are a thing of the past. It's time to dust your jacket off and dress to impress for the first time in two months.

So Thank F*ck Exams are Over!

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