Fat Pops Clubbers of the Year

Ladies and Gents; it’s the event of year you’ve all been waiting for.

Even bigger than the Royal Wedding, or Love Island making a reappearance next week, I present to you…

The Fat Pops Clubbers of the Year!

For this week’s blog post, we thought we’d look back on all the club photos of 2018 from Fat Poppadaddys, Secret Discotheque and Friday I’m In Love.

Why? Well, since you guys give us priceless photos, it’s only fair that you get the recognition you deserve.

Fat Poppadaddys

*Simon Cowell voice* 'It's a no from me'

This is the definition of 'styling it out'

Harry Potter, is that you?!

Someone, please explain what's happening in this photo...

Secret Discotheque

This just wins for the spicy Ainsley t-shirt.


Who invited Rafiki to the club?



Who says romance is dead, eh?

Without a doubt, Secret Discotheque is the messiest night.


Tried getting a photo with the guy on the left once and he did the exact same thing  - guessing he just can't handle the paparazzi.

Friday I’m In Love

We've all been the third wheel before, and this guy just embraces it.

Would you have guessed that these security men are actually the biggest party animals going? 

This is a mood that we all wish to feel on a night out.

Finally, a special shout-out to George. He puts up with all of you our events without fail; just see the photos for yourself. He’s truly dedicated to Fat Pops (or has nothing better to do, but we prefer to think he’s just loyal to us). You, sir, are a hero in our eyes.

So, that rounds up the Fat Pops Clubbers of the Year... so far. You've done Fat Pops proud.

Your award? The knowledge that your priceless (and, in some cases, tragic) photos made the Fat Pops 'wall of fame', which is better than the Nobel Prize, a Grammy, an Oscar, or even a Pointless trophy, combined. You're welcome.

Keep it up, Fat Pops Clubbers and your face could appear here next time.