Christmas Party at The Haunt and Coalition

With one week to go until Christmas, we've had a sneak peak at Santa's Naughty List - and it's not looking good. We happen to know exactly why you've been removed from the Nice List and been sent gunning for the Naughty List. Don't try to deny any of the following Christmas Crimes.

1. Re-Gifting An Old Present to Someone Else

We all know the hideousness of opening a Christmas present from your Aunt Carol, who gave you a tea cosey when you despise tea. Just smile and wave yeah? So if it's never been used, what's so wrong with giving it to someone who will use it? You pratically work for the Samaritans. 

2. Arriving Hungover To Your Grandma's

Being forced to wake up at the crack of dawn (10am) to travel to your grandma's for lunch, when you only got in at 4am, is never ideal. Probably shouldn't have gone to the Christmas Party - but here we are. To make matters worse, you're expected to finish the turkey your grandma worked so hard to prepare. Tactical chunder anyone?

3. Forgetting To Buy Your Secret Santa

Nothing more awkward than forgetting to buy your Secret Santa present. What do you buy Susan - who you met once at the Christmas Party and never spoke to again - anyway? You can always just buy her drinks all night. OK so it's a free bar.. but it's the thought that counts.

It's too late to change Santa's mind now, so why not indulge in more devient behaviour? There's always next year! You know what to do... celeberate Christmas the right way:

Buy tickets for the Christmas Party at The Haunt on Thursday or Coalition on Friday.

All tickets include a free j-bomb and queue jump. Go on, misbehave one more time.