Brighton Re-Freshers 2020

Get that drinking hat back on... It's time for Re-Freshers! 

Firstly, Happy New Year! So far, Australia is literally on fire, we're on the brink of nuclear war, and we have to rely on Boris to make sure we don't all die. I think it's time for a Jager Bomb! (or 5) 

If you fancy a break from exams, rent and the whole adult life thing, we've got you covered with four great nights out. Check 'em out below.

Firstly - Your Monday night institution... Fat Poppadaddys! 

Showing the conformed clubs of town the middle finger, every Monday you can come to us, let loose, play beer pong, and laugh in the face of the mediocrity whilst you chug your 5 for £5. All that whilst listening to a playlist that you will not hear anywhere else in the city. 

On drink deals, we will not be beaten:

5 Bombs £5 before 12:30 - £2 each after

£1 Pints of CHALK's very own beer before 12:30. 

£1.50 Single vodka + Mix ALL NIGHT. £2.50 Double Vodka + Mix ALL NIGHT. 

Seriously... What's not to like? 

Pick up a ticket to next Monday and get queue jump before midnight!

Secondly - Iconic as it is ironic... Secret Discotheque!

Thursdays at CHALK is the all-singing, all-dancing club night. On atmosphere, it almost certainly won't be beaten! We have an immersive video experience that plays in real-time to the music, two massive confetti cannons that fill the giant dancefloor with ease and the biggest disco ball you'll ever see! All to go with the biggest pop bangers everyone (secretly) loves. 

Expect the same drink deals you see on a Monday so there are no excuses 

Tickets are available from £1 so get your's quick before they sell out!

Thirdly - Kick your weekend off right at Friday, I'm In Love!

Music-wise we pride ourselves. #musicthatdoesntsuck Fat Poppadaddys DJs pull out all the stops with everything and anything to keep the dance-floor bouncing with only the most deserving records! You can expect an insane mash-up of indie, hip hop, dance, '80s, house, funk and more. It's like nothing you've ever heard before! 

For the best drink deals, you're best off downloading the Coalition Loyalty App.

You can expect: 

£1.95 Jager Bombs

£3.95 Double Vodka Red Bull

£3 Pint of Amstel

£50 Bottle of Smirnoff Vodka 

Once again, Tickets include queue jump before midnight so get yours!

Finally - Defining the decades... Let's Kill Disco! 

Let's Kill Disco defines the most iconic decades of music, touching on the end of Disco, pounding out the biggest 80s anthems, slowing things down with an occasional power ballad and bringing it back up again with some early 90s pop hedonism...

Undoubtedly, the most fun and inclusive night out on a Saturday. We guarantee a great experience or your money back!

Tickets are just £2 each so get yours!  

So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a ticket for your favourite event! Or feel free to contact us and we'll happy to help make your night out extra special!