3 Reasons Why Brighton Is The Best UK City

Brighton has a reputation for the people living there being completely obsessed with it - and with good reason! Here are just some of the few reasons to love it and feel completely justified.

The Café Obsession

Everybody is absolutely obsessed with coffee houses in Brighton. They are the ultimate place to go for literally any circumstance. Whether you have deadlines, a hot date or are on the brink of a mental break down – the solution is a café. There will be at least 5 other people in there doing the same. Only problem is that they’re always rammed, despite there being about 10 on every street. (Side note: Chain café’s such as Costa are frowned upon, stick to independent boujee café’s to remain socially accepted).

The Huge Selection of Clubs

There is also a club for every mood– which means there is never an excuse to not go out. Cheese lovers can head to Secret Discotheque at The Haunt or Pryzm’s disco-room. R&B enthusiasts can go to Donut’s at Patterns or Shoosh. Alternative music-lovers can thrive at The Haunt on Mondays or FMA Thursday’s at Patterns. People who love a bit of everything can get it all at Friday, I’m In Love at Coalition. Everyone’s a winner! Most cities only have 2 main clubs, tragic really…

The Lack of Dress Code

There are no norms in Brighton, so feel free to wear whatever you like, whenever you like. In fact, the weirder the better. Clubs are filled with jeans and trainers, as well as heels and dresses. Wear whatever you fancy, because all Brighton cares about are the people! Get out and socialise because it’s what Brighton does best.

You know what to do now: Grab your strongest coffee, wear whatever the hell you like, and then make your way to the club that suits your mood. Because if you don't do all these things, do you even live in Brighton?

Don't forget to grab your tickets here first if you're feeling The Haunt or Coalition - they include a queue jump and free j-bomb before midnight!