Oh my Beyoncé, what are you wearing?!

She may already be the ‘Homecoming’ queen with rumours of new music arriving later this year, but Beyoncé is now back to doing what she does best; sharing ludicrous costume ideas on Instagram.

Next month, Disney will release the live-action (actually it’s mostly CGI) remake of their beloved animation The Lion King, with the ‘Crazy In Love’ starlet playing Nala, alongside Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover as Simba and the original James Earl Jones reprising his role as Mufasa. And to celebrate the film’s release, Yoncé has shared a rather fierce post.

Is there any end to Beyoncé’s extraness?! I mean it is a very impressive outfit but the practicality of the thing is just plain wrong. I mean imagine trying to nip down the shops for some cans in that.

Firstly the cape has far too much fabric running through it. The amount of cigarette butts you’ll be dragging around behind you would surely stink up the thing. Not to mention the entire ostrich that they had to pluck to create that mane. The whole thing is an allergy nightmare, not to mention a luxurious breeding ground for ticks and lice of all varieties.

But of course, this is Beyoncé we are talking about. There are no cigarette butts where she lives, given she is a stern lover of the vape. And she of course fills her nostrils every morning with manuka honey to ensure a hayfever-free day wherever she goes. God bless you Beyoncé, you just do you, yeah?

The Lion King is set to roar (Jesus, really?) into cinemas on the 19thJuly, and Beyoncé’s latest live show ‘Homecoming’ is available to stream on Netflix now.