When Collaborations Go Horribly Wrong

When musicians and artists usually team up to work on a track together, the results can be mind-blowing. Queen and David Bowie joining forces for ‘Under Pressure’ was a sheer stroke of genius, while Ed Sheeran’s latest collaborative project ‘No 6’ is already starting to get plenty of people talking.

But in the last few days we heard that Kylie Minoque and The Vaccines had teamed up to produce a single for the upcoming Shaun The Sheep Movie, ‘Farmageddon’. Obviously the thought of these two complete opposites coming together got us thinking about the other weird times that two completely different acts made a song together. So why not join us on a trip down memory lane as we revisit some of the strangest collaborations in musical history.

Weezer & Chamillionaire - ‘Can’t Stop Partying’

Weezer were once one of the most respected and loved rock acts of the 90s. But in recent years, the geek rockers have found themselves in a strange rabbit hole where they just won’t stop releasing bad music at an almost unstoppable rate. But that still shouldn’t excuse them from this addition to their eighth album ‘Raditude’. Featuring ‘Ridin’ Dirty’ rapper Chamillionaire, the band managed to make a song that sounds fresh and exciting, but instead share one of the most boring 4-minutes of your life. Not even Chamillionaire sounds like he wants to be involved in this monstrosity.

Slash & Fergie – ‘Sweet Child O Mine’

If there is one thing aging rockstars love, it’s cashing in on their former glory. But rather than hope that the kids will simply buy straight into their formative hit singles, some make the effort to recruit the stars of the day to help bring in the young vote. But we still have no idea why Guns N Roses guitarist Slash thought that Black Eyed Peas’ Fergie would be that person. Still, she does give it her best go, which means it probably wasn’t a total waste.

Queen & 5ive – ‘We Will Rock You!’

Speaking of rockstars cashing in on past glory, say hello to Queen guitarist Brian May, a man whose has literally no shame when it comes to selling out. In the year 2000, this all came to a head when he thought that working with boyband 5ive to cover the Queen classic ‘We Will Rock You!’ would be something worthwhile. But as terrible as this sounds, in both respects, it was a number one single. So what do we know?!

Brian May & Dappy – ‘Rockstar’

There he is again. Back for more money as he drags Freddie Mercury’s legacy through the dirt. Not quite feeling he had done enough damage working with 5ive, he then thought that Dappy would be the next logical step. As you can imagine, this hernia of a song has almost been completely buried by the rapper since it came out. And if Dappy doesn’t want it, you know something smells off.