A Levels: Expectations vs Reality

For many of you, A Levels are a thing of the past. A part of your life you try to block out. Something you look back on, and you don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

However, for some of you, the pain isn’t over yet – results day is steadily approaching, and you’re probably shitting yourself over it.

We all thought A Levels would be an easy ride, but really it was probably the bumpiest joyride of your life. We all went with these high expectations; instead, we were faced with these harsh realities.

EXPECTATION: You think you’ll enjoy your A Levels because you CHOSE the subjects. You love photography, so you must love to do it at A Level, right?

REALITY: Here’s a life lesson, kids; it’s the things we love most that hurt us. If you like something, doing it at A Level will ruin it for you. In fact, A Levels will just ruin you in general.

EXPECTATION: Fewer subjects = less work

REALITY:  Hahahaha, funny one. You have coursework pouring out your ears, essays to write, the revision to do, and absolutely none of it will feel worthwhile. You think that’s bad? Just wait until you go to uni.

EXPECTATION: 9-12 hours of attendance per week will have you living your best life.

REALITY: It’s even more of a struggle than going to school for 7 hours a day. Nothing is quite as painful as having a 9-5-day one day, then only having one lesson at 9 am on the next day. You’re either stuck at the place or you're there for such little time you can’t warrant going in.

EXPECTATION: You’ll spend your free periods/ gaps in between lessons catching up on work.

REALITY: Think again, sweetie. The common room is where all the quality banter is at, and there’s no chance you’ll think to pull out your maths revision guide to study quadratic equations when the common room is alive with banter. And if you’re not in the common room, chances are you’ll trade revision with a trip into town to get a sausage roll from Gregg’s. It has to be done.

As results day is just around the corner, you need to do some celebrating. Even if you fail all your subjects, you can celebrate that you’ve done the worst you possibly could, and really that’s quite impressive if you think about it.

Anyway; Fat Pops is hosting a High School Musical Themed night at The Haunt on the 16th of August, in honour of those of you receiving your A Level results! Depending on your results, you’ll either be screaming along to Breaking Free or crying in the corner when Gotta Go My Own Way comes on.

Either way, get your head in the game and come along to our HSM A Levels Results Party. 

Secret Discotheque Tickets.