5 Things Freshers Must Know Before Coming to Uni

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably just finished your A Levels and are now heading to uni in Brighton. Congrats, pal. Welcome to Brighton; a city more vibrant than the entirety of the UK put together, which also probably makes it one of the most expensive places - if you wanna live for a good time and not for a long time, Brighton is the place for you.

You’re probably craving the freedom of uni right now. You can’t wait to get out of your home town, and independence awaits you. Uni can’t come quick enough.

You have high expectations of what your first year at uni will be like, right?! Well, here are 5 things you must know before coming to uni… you’re welcome in advance.

1. Not everyone has the same hygiene standards as you. You will walk into your kitchen and be greeted by your flatmate’s dishwashing, which is so overdue that mold is forming in the glasses. Some people forget to shower, or don’t know how to use a washing machine. Basically, you will be surrounded by smelly people and you’ve just gotta embrace it.

2. Freshers Flu is not a myth, it is very much REAL. The combination of being around new people, new places, going out and surviving on three hours sleep and red bull starts to take it’s toll, and you will feel like death. Just a heads up for you.

3. Your first year is basically one big hangover. There’s pretty much a decent night out in Brighton everyday, and you being you, you will want to go to every single one of them. Who needs to attend the lectures that you pay over £9,000 a year for, anyway?

4. You’ll go with high expectations of yourself, thinking that you’ll do all your readings on time and won’t leave your work until the last minute… just watch your expectations sink so low that you’ll be proud of yourself if you so much as turn up to uni.

Your loan will seem like a lot of money, in fact it’s probably the most money you’ve ever received in one lump sum, but it won’t last. There are people who get a bit too spend happy, and end up with £50 to last them the next 8 weeks of term. Embrace it, spend wisely, and accept the fact that you’ve made yourself poor for the next few years of your life. Your overdraft is your best mate now.

So there's some of the things you should expect from your first year... We're sure your expectations of uni will be lowered again at least 2 months into uni, when you're drowning in deadlines and questioning your own existence, but we'll leave that up to you to discover on your own. 

Good luck.