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Our brands are all based on our love of music and are created for people who want to party against Brighton’s ever increasing, generic style of commercial club nights. We challenge the ordinary and dare to be different, while still retaining the sentiments that build busy club events for predominantly student revellers.

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If you fancy getting in touch we would love to hear from you, equally, if you’re interested in working for us please attach your CV to the form below. We are always looking for city managers, Promoters, DJ’s, Photographers, Reps, VIP hosts and Franchise partners to join our team!

Full-Time Positions:

Full-Time Sales and Events Manager: £17 to £20k p/a

Part Time Opportunities:

DJ: £50 to £100 p/event
Part-Time Promotors: up to £7.50 p/h
Reception staff: up to £7.50 p/h

Freelance Roles:

Ticket Sellers: up to £100 p/event

Five Simple Tips to Save Money at Uni

University is one of the most unhappy periods in your wallet’s life. If extortionate tuition fees and overpriced student housing weren’t bad enough, your ability to thrive away from the safety of Mum and Dad is tricky when jobs are sparse and club nights are the place to be. Luckily, Fat Pops is here to offer you some friendly advice:


Buy the 90-day bus pass ASAP

Just do it. Yes, it’s a big lump of cash to hand over in one go, but it’s worth it. Not only will your tickets be effectively half price, but you will be encouraged to go out more and see the world, unburdened by the thought of shelling out another £3 to go to Sainsbury’s. This is also applicable to nights out…so no more skipping Fat Poppadaddys for you.


Stay away from the ready meals

I know, I know, after a long slog spent listening to droning seminar convenors and trying your best to look considered and thoughtful whilst completely zoned out, the thought of preparing dinner from scratch is a hideous one. Yes, ready-meals are damn fast, but for £3 you could easily knock up a banging Bolognese that will last you days, rather than drown in a sludge-filled pit of salt and carbonara-tinged disappointment.


Check your balance every once in a while

It might be up there with jumping in front of an N25 bus in the pain threshold stakes, but checking your rapidly depleting balance every once in a while will make all the difference. That time-honored phrase “yeah but I’ll just go into my overdraft” is dangerous. You don’t wanna be doing that. Seeing your purchasing mistakes in black and white might prevent you from ordering those rounds of cocktails for everybody next time.


Track down those drink deals:

Yes, it seems like an obvious thing to say but be honest – how many times have you walked into a bar thinking it’s a student night, and ended up pouring cash down the drain when you discover it’s not? Places like Hobgoblin are great for this, with deals such as cheap Tequila on Tuesdays and their infamous lemon deal on Wednesdays. As long as you plan your nights ahead, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how little you actually spend. A Cobra for the price of a single lemon? Life is blissful. Of course, by ending your night in Fat Poppadaddy’s, you can take advantage of the five ‘Bombs for £5 deal, which is more than enough to put a smile on your wallet’s face…


Remember to book tickets early:

Being organised is the first step in saving money on nights out. Planning ahead, booking those club tickets when they’re nice and cheap means you won’t be shelling out for entry. An extra tip would be to get your name on the guest list quick. It’ll prevent any of those horrible waits outside in the cold queues, and ensure that you will get in without a fuss. Instead, you can use the money and time saved on more pre-drinks, turning up to enjoy your club experience in a far better frame of mind.

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1st release advance queue jump tickets for all Fat Poppadaddys are just £1 then go up in price (£4, then £6) so make sure you always get in there quickly.

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