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All Hallows’ Eve with Fat Poppadaddys


It’s that point of the year again, time to dress up in your scariest threads and party with all the other ghosts, ghouls, and guys who just put a bit of blood on a white shirt, claiming to have ‘made an effort’.

Here at Fat Pops, we’re putting a lot of effort into hosting the best goddamn Halloween party in town, and if there’s one thing we pride ourselves on, it’s special events such as these. Expect live performances, flash mobs, Halloween decor, face painting, and a real-life ghost!

Yeah! Name another party that has a real mother-fuckin’ ghost.

Last year’s Halloween special was an absolute roadblock, and the photos below show how it went down. Tickets for this year’s event – which will be held on Tuesday 31st October at The Haunt – will get you the usual queue jump, free bomb and will guarantee you entry.

Or if the guest list is more your thing, make sure you click attending on the Facebook event below.

All Hallows’ Eve Tickets

All Hallows’ Eve Facebook Guest List

Some serious Halloween decor


The usual incredible light show to go along with the classic Fat Pops beats


EVERYONE makes an effort


And we’ve got you covered if you need a top up


You’d better bring your squad game


A little bit of live action


Some lad came as a bunch of grapes


And of course, a packet of cornflakes


And just in case you didn’t think we were being serious…

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-04 at 14.13.51

Our real-life ghost!

Advance tickets, which are valid all night, are now available for All Hallows’ Eve which include queue jump, J-Bomb and guarantees you entry to The Haunt. Find out more about tickets here:

All Hallows’ Eve Tickets

If tickets aren’t your thing, you can pop your name on our Facebook guest list which will get you £3 entry but make sure you arrive before the clock strikes 12! Find out more about the Facebook guest list here:

All Hallows’ Eve Facebook Guest List

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