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Fat Poppadaddys – Every Monday at The Haunt

Sussex Freshers 18/09/2017

WOW! What a way to kick off our first Freshers’ event. I think we can all agree it was a pretty epic night out. We’ve gone through the photos from last night and picked out the best and worst photos to illustrate how it went down. For those of you who missed out, tickets and guest list for next week are now available! See you all again next time!

Have a look & buy tickets for the Brighton Freshers’ event next Monday here.

Or check out the Facebook event and put your names on the event wall for Guest List entry here.


There was a bit of a queue


Sorry about the wait….

Crowd surfing was a thing


And was friggin’ epic!

One drink is never enough


Empty hand? Fuck that…

Some serious shapes coming out


It’s okay, we won’t judge you… Others might though…

And some great poses…


*Fuck a photographer. Quickly, do of something cool*


Really? You’re going with that one? Okay…

Eww a girl…



All in all, we hope everyone enjoyed themselves a bit more than this guy…


Check out the rest of the snaps from last night here.

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