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The Fat Poppadaddys Guide To An Alternative Freshers’ Week!

Woohoo, it’s almost Freshers in Brighton town! Whether it’s your first time in the city, or you’re returning and planning on hitting the clubs like a parched camel in a desert, these are the events we recommend for the ultimate alternative Freshers…

Sussex Uni Freshers!

Freshers Move in: 16th Sept.

On the Saturday that you arrive, East Slope Bar is always a good shout. It’s great for meeting some new buddies and chilling in your new surroundings, even if there isn’t a Fat Pops pro on the 1’s and 2’s. However, the rest of the night life events that the SU has organised looks a bit… well… pony…  There’s one event called “The Big Night In”, FUCK THAT! Get wavey, it’s Freshers.



Naturally, Monday’s are for Fat Poppadaddys at The Haunt. You don’t get much more alternative that Fat Pops, and with 5 bombs for £5 ’til 12:30 and £1.50 vodka + mixers all night, things get pretty fucking wavey. Check out Tickets or Facebook for more info.



Now we’re gonna do something that no other club night has ever done… recommend a night that isn’t ours 😲. But Donuts at Patterns on a Tuesday can be lit as fuck. Drinks are a bit pricey but that’s what prinks are for!

You can also hit up a year round favourite – Tequila Tuesdays at Hobgoblin.



On Wednesday you have limited options. There’s Epik Wednesdays at Pryzm which will be busy for the first term, then fizzle out towards the end of the year (as per). Or Coco Loco at Coalition. The name says it all there really.



Now on to Thursdays, and Secret Discotheque at The Haunt. SD is another one of ours and is Brighton’s biggest pop party. With £1 drinks before midnight and the same deals as Fat Pops after; if you like a bit of tongue in cheek, sing-a-long booziness then we’d love you to come check us out if you haven’t been before. Check out Tickets and Facebook for more info!

Also, keep your eye’s peeled for future events, we have themes every week from Beyonce to Disney and there is even a classic 90’s pop band booking in the pipeline!



What is there to say about Friday I’m In Love…? The best way to describe it is the only place in town you’re going to hear Toto’s Africa and Pendulum in the same set. Music genres seamlessly blended together for 6 hours straight rocking Coalition till 5 am on the regular. Fat Pops DJ’s pull out everything and anything to keep the dance floor lively and NME describes us as ‘simply class in a glass’. Find out more by checking out Tickets and Facebook.


Now we understand that every club promoter is trying to ram an overpriced wristband down your throat that generally end up being a tad disappointing. You don’t wanna spend £30-£60 for entry to the same club nights at the same club and the odd shit thing that’s not very interesting but you’ll go anyway to try and get some moneys worth eg: Rox Wristband: £20-£35 – gets you into CUNT (@The Arch), Runway (@Shooshh) and The LaB (@Toxic); AAA Wristband: £55 – Huskey events (basically Friday and Saturday at Walkabout) and 5 other events all over the place – including “The Haunt Wednesdays” wtf?

Heres the deal: If you want to come to all 3 of our events (or if you just want some funky Fat Pops merch), then buy our wristband for only £10!  Much better value. Check it out here: Sussex Freshers and Brighton Freshers.

So that’s our honest advice. Now get on with Freshers!