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‘DJ’ is a genderless word.


The skills it takes to DJ, the technical expertise, audience perception, the music comprehension. These are merely human tools.




As far as I know ‘DJ’ is a genderless word. With some of the most iconic British DJ’s being female, why is it that only a quarter of DJs on the dance music circuit are female?

Even female DJ Annie Mac was asked if it’s possible to “DJ in a dress and heels” to which she rightly responded with “fuck off” – Surely it must get tiring for female DJs in an overwhelming male dominated industry. Do you think Avicii ever gets asked how he feels about being a man and a DJ? Chances are unlikely.

From winning a local DJ competition to being signed to Defected, the past 10 years have been both a hard-earned and well-deserved rise to the top for Sam Divine, and my god her progression in one of the most competitive industries is not ignored. She never highlights gender in DJ culture and has a  unique way of captivating an entire audience with her innate talent and mesmerising sounds. Sam has a way of getting a crowd moving from beginning to end.






“You can be the best DJ in the world,

you can have the best music and all the rest of it, 

but if you haven’t got respect from your peers

and your fans then you’re nothing.

I’ve never shouted about being a woman

or spoke about being a female DJ.

It’s just like, this is what I do, I play house music,

it doesn’t matter about my gender.” 

– Sam Divine






 Sam performed in Brighton last Saturday and as always she killed it. She sets the bar high, and has proven through countless skilled sets why she’s an invaluable talent. A night listening to Sam is one of them nights you just can’t bare finishing.

By the end of the night it’s like an after gym session; your entire body can barely move, your hairs stuck to your head and all you can think about is the kebab you’re dying to eat.


– Sam Divine @ The Arch, Brighton – Saturday 29th July 2017



Sam’s back in our ends (well near enough) at Pier Jam in Hastings on the 2nd September. Don’t miss it!!!!!!!

Go support Sam and continue to support her ever-growing success that all DJs dream of.



Written by Charley Hill