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Hattie’s Top 10 Disney Movies!

About the author:

You may not know Hattie but if you’ve been to one of our events, then she has almost certainly stamped your hand with a smile on her face. There’s nothing she enjoys more than stamping. In fact, since finishing her degree in colouring in (physical is the way? Apparently?), stamping is her favourite pass time! Her other preferred procrastination methods involve; avocados, crying for absolutely no reason and watching Disney movies from her extensive VHS collection! Which makes her more than qualified to write this blog.

Here’s a picture of Hattie in action:


Hattie’s Top 10:

In light of the upcoming Disney night at The Haunt, Fat Pops have decided to put Disney under the spotlight and asked me to choose my top ten favourite Disney films. 

Number 10: Mulan

Based around the Chinese military and showing the usual strength of men within a family, Mulan shows that us girls can be just as tough as our male counterparts and in some cases even better. Dressing as a man she completes and rises above her fellow men in order to help fight off the invasion by the Huns. In doing so she falls in love (who can blame her) with her rather handsome captain. With the addition of her pet dragon mushu and aptly named cricket, Cri kee, Mulan helps convey the message of the strength of women, both of which helps with its placing within the top ten. 

Number 9: Snow White

The top ten Disney list wouldn’t, of course, be complete without at least one of the princess movies making an appearance. Snow White is arguably the most memorable of the princess films proving that “true love” really does conquer all. The addition of the seven dwarfs adds that upbeat feeling to an otherwise quite dark film of an old witch who can’t bear the thought of someone more beautiful than herself, attempting to poison the young Snow White with a bad apple. Of course, in the end, the guy gets the girl and everything ends happily ever after.With such a romantic and happy ended story between two, it had to of course feature in the top ten.


Number 8: The Emperor’s New Groove

Not one of the most well-known Disney films, The Emperor’s New Groove had to be in the top ten. Following an intriguing story of an emperor turned llama named Kuzco who must find his way back to his rightful throne. Despite being one of the two “baddies” within the story it’s hard not to love Kronk, a seemingly incapable sidekick to the evil Yzma, making it one of the most humorous of the Disney films. 

Number 7: Peter Pan

It’s almost a certainty that the majority of us have seen this heartwarming film of a boy who doesn’t want to grow up, a feeling we can all relate to. The story follows the free spirited and mischievous Peter who meets three “normal” children, taking them to Neverland. Following “the second star to the right and on ’til morning”, Wendy, John and Michael enjoy the wonders of staying young forever until the realisation that their parents are at home. Despite not having a speaking role tinker-bell is possibly one of Disney’s most favoured and remembered characters, along with Peter Pan himself and the idea of never wanting to grow old, places this film in the top ten.

Number 6: Aladdin 

Similar to that of Peter Pan, Aladdin holds a lamp we all hope to have one day containing a magical genie who will grant us anything we choose. Of course, with any good film a plot twist in the middle provided by the evil sorcerer Jafar, gives the opportunity for Aladdin to prove his worth to Princess Jasmine despite being poor and relying on theft to survive. Of course, the famous “whole new world” comes from Aladdin along with the magical carpet ride through the beautiful city gives a reason for it to be included in the top ten.


Number 5: 101 Dalmatians

Even if you’re more a cat lover over dogs it’s hard not to love a film that includes over 100 Dalmatian puppies as well as numerous other breeds of dog. Joining together to prevent Cruella De Vil turning all the puppies into a fur coat. They along with almost all the farm animals torment and prevent Horace and Jasper, Cruella’s two sidekicks from capturing them to help her evil plans. Of course, a film including hundreds of puppies had to make the top ten. 

Number 4: Jungle Book

Maybe not one of the most obvious films for the top ten, The Jungle Book definitely deserves a spot. Following a young boy raised by wolves who must return to the “man village” under orders by Bagheera the panther in order to avoid being threatened by the man-eating tiger Shere Khan. Along the way, Mowgli meets a number of lovable characters including Baloo the bear who teaches him a valuable lesson that “the bear necessities of life will come to you”.

Number 3: The Little Mermaid

Getting serious now the top 3 have to be the creme de la creme of Disney. Position number 3 goes to The Little Mermaid, a film I’m sure almost every young girl could have associated with. The dream of being a mermaid seems paramount for young girls but in this case, Ariel dreams only of having legs like normal folk. She dreams of walking on the land in a means to rebel against her restricting father. After signing away her beautiful voice to the evil sea witch Ursula she is given the chance to walk and meet the prince she’s fallen in love with, with the catch of not being able to speak while she’s there. After much difficulty in proving she is the owner of the voice the prince fell in love with everything is resolved thanks to the sacrifice made by her father. Her dreams of rebelling is something we can all associate with and hence it’s position in the top 3 is justified.


Number 2: Alice in Wonderland

Many may disagree with Alice in Wonderland placing so high but personally, it is without a doubt one of the best Disney films. Alice falls down a rabbit hole and meets numerous fun and interesting characters along the way who all teach her valuable lessons which she takes back to the surface with her. Including the March Hare and the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat among many proves a dark but helpful character teaching Alice Along her way. Her journey proves difficult encountering the queen of hearts where she is enslaved to paint the roses red. She sees the evil that occurs in Wonderland and at her own trial for planting white roses instead of red returns to her normal size (much bigger than any of the other characters) and escapes back through the original small door, only to reveal she was asleep the entire time. The wackiness and unpredictability prove why it is one of the best Disney films out there and rightfully places at number 2.

Number 1: The Lion King

It goes without question that first place goes to The Lion King. A film everyone knows and loves had to be placed at the top. Based on a young lion cub who is tricked into believing he has killed his father, the king of the animal kingdom, his evil uncle Scarr plans to take over with his pack of hyenas who funnily enough end up turning against him. Young Simba leaves the pack never to return, on his journey he meets a meerkat and warthog named Pumba and Timone, two of the most well loved Disney characters. Unknowingly they take Simba in and show him the ways of the wild until his childhood friend Nala stumbles upon him and shows him what’s happened to the kingdom. Simba returns and fights scar, killing him the same way he killed Simba’s father. Simba then takes back control of the kingdom and the film ends with the holding of a new born cub by the Rafiki bringing the film back to the beginning and completing “the circle of life”. Lion king is undoubtedly the best of the Disney films with every song being loved and well known by everyone. Everything ends happily ever after like all good films giving reason as to being placed at the number one spot. 

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