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Get on the Brighton Ska Train for Skanival


When you think of British carnivals, immediately Nottinghill comes to mind. It’s a wonderful eventful day filled with copious amounts of Caribbean music, food and culture. The only downfall is we have to wait all year round. Damn you Nottinghill. Hello, Skanival.



Here in Brighton we’re so fortunately spoilt and have Skanival right on our doorstep! On July 1st, 2017 one of the biggest reggae and ska shindigs hit Brighton’s seafront venue Volks, where hundreds of people gather for a thriving multicultural tradition. I know what you’re thinking, just a bunch of Brightonion hippies out of their faces, fuelling a stereotype that Brighton so seamlessly tries to destroy.

I thought the same. BUT after experiencing it first hand I found that it’s far more imaginative than that.

 For anyone that isn’t familiar with Skanival, it’s a carnival event centralising around the Caribbean music genre. The finest Ska, Rocksteady, Bluebeat, Jamaican r&b, 2Tone and original Reggae is what Skanival offers, plus an experience like no other.

From the moment I arrived, the whole place was heaving. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I’m not sure I even knew what genre ska was until the legendary Jerry Dammers (the man who created The Specials and 2Tone Records!!!!!!) took to stage. He had an incredible way of exploring the original sounds that inspired and continues to inspire the reggae and ska scene. An impressive line-up of music from Earl Gateshead, Rhoda Dakar, Madam Schorcher, Mark Towards and various other artists that made the event the success that it was!

People of all ages did not stop jumping all day and night. They fully rode the ‘ska train’, a common phrase screamed on the mic throughout the day. Whatever that means, take it as you wish. I spent the whole day bopping to all forms of ska. 16 hours later I had so willingly consumed nonstop sun, sea and ska ska ska. I had suddenly become completely familiar with the genre I so supposedly knew nothing about.


All you need to know about Skanival hosted by The Brighton Ska Train



Admission for the event cost £10 for the entire day and evening which was fantastic value. If you missed this event have no fear more are near, and it’s FREE admission.

DATES: September 10th and October 1st, 2017. All day and all night.

There will be another massive line-up with some of the best ska artists to grace the shores of Brighton.

You can find all information about the event on

Let skanival take you by surprise and get yourselves down to their next event!




Written by Charley Hill