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Our brands are all based on our love of music and are created for people who want to party against Brighton’s ever increasing, generic style of commercial club nights. We challenge the ordinary and dare to be different, while still retaining the sentiments that build busy club events for predominantly student revellers.

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Full-Time Positions:

Full-Time Sales and Events Manager: £17 to £20k p/a

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DJ: £50 to £100 p/event
Part-Time Promotors: up to £7.50 p/h
Reception staff: up to £7.50 p/h

Freelance Roles:

Ticket Sellers: up to £100 p/event

Brighton is ram-packed with pubs, leaving students overwhelmed with choice on a night out. Whilst this is the very definition of a first-world problem, it nevertheless means that planning the perfect pub crawl can be damn right impossible.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Cocktail bars, drinks deals and great music, all ending in a night at Fat Poppadaddys. Sound good? Then read on.


The fancy cocktail place to kick things off?

Shuffle is one of the undiscovered gems of Brighton nightlife. Offering a spectacular array of cocktails for reasonable prices and attached to student-friendly deals, this is the place to get your night started.

The beauty of it is all in the name. With a playlist that connects to your phone, backing music is entirely selected by customers, leaving you and your mates with free reign over what you’re dancing to. Chelsea Dagger to begin the night, followed by Gimme Shelter? Consider it done.

When Co-op gives you lemons, go to Hobgoblin!

Hobgoblin, the graffiti-adorned pub a couple of doors down from Shuffle, is an ideal second stop on your tour of Brighton. The place is a drinking staple amongst students and for good reason. With offers including the famous “Tequila Tuesdays”, Lemon deal on Wednesdays, and the magnificent DoughBo nestled in the smoking area, what’s not to like?

The cost-saving Font.

Yes, despite the drinks deals, fairy lights and the atmosphere, the first stops are pretty damn fancy, so to balance the books a stop at the Font is recommended. Whilst the drinks are cheap, it is by no means a backwards step. In fact, this converted chapel is a regular stop on any Brightoneon’s club night, with DJ sets a common appearance to keep the drinks flowing.

The Font Brighton

You say you want a Revolution…

Having downed some beers in the Font, now it’s time to dabble in some obscure vodka at Revolution. With an eclectic mix of beautiful shots, cocktails and beers, this is the ideal place to prepare for the night’s clubbing climax. Boasting Brighton’s largest outdoor smoking area, and a relaxed, feel-good atmosphere, Revs is the peak of the bar crawl.

End your night with Fat Poppadaddys!

Yes, we were bound to say this, but there really is nowhere else like it. Whether it’s getting down to some Black Keys and Libertines on Monday, Secret Discotheque on Thursdays, or Coalition to bookend the week with, Fat Pops has you covered.

Cure your hangover with Buddies.

Having maxed out on Brighton’s nightlife, line your weary stomach with some delicious fish and chips at seafront legends Buddies. Whilst the food is lovely in itself, they also operate as part of the Stay Safe scheme, keeping you and your friends protected 24 hours a day. All that’s left is for you to hail a cab, and do it all again the week after. Simple!

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