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Our brands are all based on our love of music and are created for people who want to party against Brighton’s ever increasing, generic style of commercial club nights. We challenge the ordinary and dare to be different, while still retaining the sentiments that build busy club events for predominantly student revellers.

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If you fancy getting in touch we would love to hear from you, equally, if you’re interested in working for us please attach your CV to the form below. We are always looking for city managers, Promoters, DJ’s, Photographers, Reps, VIP hosts and Franchise partners to join our team!

Full-Time Positions:

Full-Time Sales and Events Manager: £17 to £20k p/a

Part Time Opportunities:

DJ: £50 to £100 p/event
Part-Time Promotors: up to £7.50 p/h
Reception staff: up to £7.50 p/h

Freelance Roles:

Ticket Sellers: up to £100 p/event

The diverse nature of Fat Pop’s club nights draws a wonderful, eclectic mix of people from across the city. They break free from the constraints of work and uni to shake away the blues, sink one too many jager bombs and have a good old boogie.

The faces change every night, but there are a few stereotypes that will always be lurking by the bar or on the dance floor if you look hard enough.

The moody, oh-so-edgy guy


Often found in the shadows, sipping on an obscure liquor and mixer, clad in leather with perfectly quiffed hair and girls draped off him. Some say that this guy never cracks a smile, but if you glance at him during the opening riff of Fluorescent Adolescent you might see that steel pout curl into a little smile as his soul is filled with Alex Turner’s dulcet tones.

The girl who’s lost all her friends


You’ll see her standing at a raised vantage point of the club scanning the room for her friends with a slightly bewildered look on her face. Despite her loneliness, she’ll be bopping along to the music and saying ‘nah I’m fine’ to anyone who recognises that she looks like a lost puppy. After half an hour of fighting through the dance floor, searching the bar and trying to make calls in the smoking area, she’ll give up and go home.

The person who knows everyone


Being out with this person is a nightmare. It takes double the amount of time to get anywhere because they have to stop and talk to everyone. They tend not to buy themselves a drink all night because they’re constantly being handed jagers bought by their mates and when the club photos come out, they’ll be in at least five big group photos.

The PDA couple


Please just go home.

The guys who never stops dancing


They’ve been drinking since 6 and are sweaty, drunken messes keeping the morale up and everyone on the dance floor bouncing until the early morning. This guy has no time for a drink or a cigarette. So many shapes, so little time to throw them. Everyone loves these guys.


The one who didn’t want to go out


We all know the one. They have a deadline or they just didn’t fancy a night out but they got dragged out and their face expresses pure regret. They’re not drunk enough, they’re not having fun and they just want to go home.

The weird guy who came out to pull


He walks into the club and immediately breaks off from his mates. He heads to the bar, necks a drink and then stalks around the dance floor. Even though he’s been doing this on every night out for a year, he still doesn’t understand that his lack of success with the ladies is due to his creepy techniques.

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