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Drinking games… An essential part to university life.

Booze has done many great things since its existence. It’s gives boring people personalities, made sensible people go skinny dipping and is often your best chance of getting out the friend-zone.

Pre-drinking before hitting the club is obviously standard however, sometimes the pre-drinks gathering needs to be spiced up. You’re friends aren’t drinking quickly enough and peer pressure is “socially unacceptable” so you have one card left to play – drinking games!

We’ve listed a few of our favourites to get you started, play these properly and you will defiantly be in the mood for texting your ex. Got any others? Let us know!

1. Ring Of Fire.

Probably one of the most common drinking games you’ll come across in halls. There is always one dick who gives it a slightly different name and claims he invented it – Fat Pops Top Tip: don’t invite that guy to pre-drinks again, he’s also that guy who plays his shit music telling people to ‘wait for the drop’.

Start the game by sitting in a circle, place a pint glass in the middle and fill with a dirty pint. Spread a deck of cards around it. Choose someone to begin, pick a card which will determine what everyone must do. The game moves clockwise, everyone must pick a card until all the cards have been used.

You can choose what each card means or you can follow our rules below:

Ace Waterfall – Begin drinking, everyone else must start at the name time as you. The second person can only stop drinking once the first person has stopped, the third person can only stop when the second person has and so on.

Two – For You – Pick someone to drink two fingers.

Three – For Me – Drink three fingers yourself.

Four – Whores – Girls drink. (a charmingly named round, this one).

Five – Thumb Master – You can now put your thumb to your forehead at any point during the game. The last person to copy the move has to down their drink.

Six – Dicks – Guys drink.

Seven – Heaven – Point to the sky. The last person to follow suit drinks.

Eight – Choose Your Mate – Pick a friend to drink with you. Every time you drink, they drink.

Nine – Busta Rhymes – Choose a word and in turn, everyone must say a rhyme. Whoever hesitates or fails has to drink.

Ten – Word Up – Choose a word. From here on in, every sentence has to begin with it. Anyone who forgets to preface their remarks with the word has to drink.

Jack – Jack the Lad – Make up a rule for the Jack card, which must be adhered to for the rest of the game. The more outrageous, the better.

Queen – Dancing Queen – Do a dance move that can be copied. The last person to bust the move has to drink. King: Dirty Pint. Pour a little drink into the pint glass. Everyone else must follow suit as quickly as possible. The last person to add their drink has to down the pint. A repulsive classic.

King – King Of Beers – Down the dirty pint in the middle.

2. 21’s

For all you maths geeks. Counting has never been so fun.

The aim is to count to 21 as a group. Form a vague circle and…

The first player chooses a direction of play. He or she begins by saying – you guessed it – “One.”

The counting continues. If anyone says two consecutive numbers, the direction changes.

If anyone squeezes in three numbers, the direction stays the same but a player is skipped.

Anyone who makes a mistake, which includes talking over someone else, pausing too long or speaking out of turn must drink two fingers.

If it reaches 21 (pretty unlikely), then the person who says it must down their drink.

3. Truth or Drink

You may have seen this on The Huffington Post, people doing it with their parents (not advised).

It’s basically a mash up of truth or dare and never have I ever and is a great way to find out who the slaggiest person in your new flat is. You ask personal questions about each other and if you don’t want to answer you drink. Which depending on the question, can make you look a hell of a lot worse than the actual answer.

truth or drink

4. Beer Pong.

A classic and personal favourite. Beer pong is a perfect combination of competitive sport and booze but most importantly should always be taken seriously.

You will need: a large table – the bigger the bettera ping pong ball, 20 plastic cups and a lot of booze.

Split into two teams, place 10 cups on each side of the table and fill each cup with booze. A variation of booze always makes it a little more exciting.

Each team takes it in turn to throw the ping pong ball into the opponents drink. If the ball goes into the cup, the opponents team mate who’s throw it is must down the contents then play resumes.

Elbows are not allowed over the end of the table. Once one cup is eliminated the team may request a reformation of the cups but must declare this before the next throw.

5. Facebooze

If you like quick and easy, this ones for you! Everyone updates their Facebook status at the same time and starts drinking. You can only stop drinking once someone likes your status.


Got any others that you think are worthy to share with masses? Send us a message with the rules on facebook!